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A new city with no connections and unknown streets can be tough. Renting a place for oneself can be another challenge. Young people often face different kinds of discrimination. People don't find bachelors and single women worthy of renting a place. Further, renting for millennials is beyond finding a place to stay, it's about finding a place that steals away all the daily chore stress and offers smart living through tech-based management!


We had trouble finding it, so we made it convenient for you!

Unsure of how & where to rent in the new city? We were too. We created playful & easy coliving dedicated to young cheerful minds!

You focus on your dreams, we'll take care of your stay!

Enjoy your fully-furnished room with well-equipped amenities and facilities. We don't want you to run around for anything, we'll keep everything ready for you!


To make smart colivings that are convenient, comfortable & hassle-free for the busy bees!

We love it your way,
The Smart Way!

We create spaces that attract the curious and ambitious. From managing your stay to tracking your electricity usage, everything's available at your fingertips in just a few clicks!

While you enjoy your freedom, we make sure you are safe!

We keep an eye 24/7 to make sure everything's safe and sound around you. From digital main gate locks to CCTV cameras in every possible corner, we have it all under control!

You moved to a new city, and so did your future friends!

We cannot see you feeling dull & bored on any occasion, so we planned to organise timely get-together events and made you groove on the most trending party playlist along with your friends!